ATTALINK elastic ties – unique in the world

It was in 1936 that Albert Vigouroux first attempted to improve the way in which the vines of the "Chasselas de Moissac" table grape were trained. The first hand held tying tool was born and was given the name "Stop-Fil".
In 1960, his son Alain Vigouroux took over the business, and in 1993, his grandson, Michel, continued to develop it.
Continuously improved and fine-tuned, the original principle of automatic tying developed into a range of products providing solutions in the fields of viticulture, tree nursery, market gardening, and for processing vegetables, flowers and industrial products.

VIGOUROUX now provides its agricultural and industrial customers with a range of both hand held tying tools and fixed bundling machines.

Focussing firmly on quality and on continuously improving its products, VIGOUROUX's team provides a recognized service which is widely appreciated by our customers.

With the development of our new ATTALINK range, VIGOUROUX has strengthened its position as world leader in the manufacture of hand held tying tools using an elastic degradable tie.

Exports account for 80% of the company's turnover.