The only portable tool in the world for attaching elastic ties



The tying system is very fast and consists in two stages:

1)    Closing / opening: the elastic tie is in position
2)    Closing / opening: the crimping ring closes off the elastic tie

The binding tension is adjustable according to requirements.



ATTALINK tying machines are manufactured in stainless steel; they are designed to be shock-resistant and to be used in all weathers.



ATTALINK tying machines use elastic ties, closed off with an aluminium alloy ring. The elastic thread magazine attached to the machine contains 70 to 100 m (depending on the type of elastic) and over 1,000 ties can be placed with a single aluminium load (reel of metal to close the thread).



ATTALINK binders are light and easy to use; they provide optimum ease of work.


ATTALINK elastic ties – unique in the world

Various ties are available to meet your requirements. All are elastic, but some bind tighter than others and last longer depending on your product needs.


A flexible range for all types of use

The portable tying tools have been adapted for complementary uses, such as preparing bouquets or small packets, in mobile mode or at fixed stations.