Aluminium reels

A metal strip for crimping elastic ties

The metal strip is formed and clipped around elastic ties. The resultant ring provides crimping and good holding-power for ties.

Reels provide autonomy of 1,000 ties or more depending on the reference of the metal chosen.

They are provided in the Consumables Packs for Attalink, in combination with 5 different wire references.

Standard metal (black packaging)

Standard metal reel for ATTALINK

Aluminium alloy 0.5 mm thick.
Suitable for all types of elastic thread.
This product provides the most reliable tie.
Approx. 1,000 ties per reel.


Fine metal (green packaging)


Aluminium alloy 0.4 mm thick.
Even greater autonomy: approx. 1,500 ties per reel.
The user exerts less cutting effort.
This product is thus of particular interest when the ties do not need to be very strong, giving a saving in cost and in effort!

It may be necessary to adjust the metal feed and cutting settings when changing from standard to fine metal reels.