ATTALINK vegetable yellow tomatoes
ATTALINK - bouquet of lavender
ATTALINK vegetables red tomatoes
ATTALINK - link on grapevine and bambou
ATTALINK - bignonia on bambou
ATTALINK vegetable parsley
ATTALINK vegetable onion
ATTALINK vegetable parsley and onions
ATTALINK - vegetable onions, leek and carrot ignons poireaux carottes
ATTALINK - link on rapsberry
ATTALINK vegetables red tomatoes 2

IPM 2023

International events Markets have significantly expanded, and so we have to monitor the development of products and services beyond our borders. IPM in Essen (Germany) is the global hub for horticultural producers and the manufacturers and suppliers in this sector. It is an opportunity to discover Vigouroux and our ATTALINK tying machines Come and see… Read more »

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