Frequently Asked Questions

The metal roll does not rise: what should I do?
Check that the metal brake (key 9a) has been released and squeezes the metal, not the red wedge.
Check that the metal is not damaged or deformed. If this is the case, eliminate the damaged piece.
Check the quality of the metal brake: take pliers, tighten the metal band at the wire box and act as if you wanted to remove the metal; it must be restrained by the brake and must not move back. If this is not the case, you can retension the brake spring, sharpen the metal brake or change it.

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The thread is spinning badly: what should I do?
Check that the cardboard tube of the ball has been removed and that the thread goes well from the center of the ball.

The thread cuts badly: what should I do?
Check that the thread is tight enough when attaching: the nylon screw (# 21) should compress it slightly.
You can change the wire knife.

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I want to tighten my products more: how to do it?
Apply extra pressure to the thread unwinding by tightening the nylon screw (# 21).
When tying, close the clip so that the push pin (key 11) is flush with the attached object; you will have unwound and a minimum of thread around the product.
Play on the quality of the yarn: the PEGN yarn tightens more than the standard yarn that squeezes more than the fine yarn.

What are the main wear parts?
The Attalink clip is made to last a long time. To reduce wear, it is important to oil the moving parts of the gripper regularly (see instructions for use). If this regular maintenance is done, the parts you may have to change are:
– the wire knife (piece n ° 4)
– the pin of the push-wire (piece n ° 17A for 3A and 6-17 for 6A)
– Thread guide pin of the grommet (part # 22 for 3A, # 6-22 for 6A)
– the central axis (piece n ° 10)

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