Spare part Kit “Basic” for ATTALINK-3A


Spare part Kit “Basic” for ATTALINK-3A

Our handy kits provide all the spares you’ll need for fast, easy machine maintenance.

Various versions are supplied depending on the tying tool model and the requirement level.

Technical stuff

1 Spare part n°14C - Return spring
1 Spare part n° 8 - Metal strip guide 3A
1 Spare part n°7 - Rivet
1 Spare part n°22 - Axis + 2 hubcaps 3A
1 Spare part n°3 - Stainless steel screw Ø3
1 Spare part n°15 - Stainless steel 4Ø screw
1 Spare part n°21 - Ø4 nylon screw
2 Spare parts n°4 - Thread cutting blade
1 Allen key n°3
1 Allen key n°4


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